Portrait and Landscape Workshop

Learn Photography from the Professionals

We had our Portrait and Landscape Photography workshop on Saturday and had so much fun! Lovely little models who were just a dream to photograph, and a fantastic group of participants so keen to learn more about photography.

Want to know more? One final date has been released due to the cancellation of our March workshop because of weather – Saturday 7th May. Book in now!

Just a little sneak peek of what we got up to…..and yes the group photo is real – the stars aren’t photoshopped in!

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Photography Workshop

New Date because we got rained out!

Our last photography workshop got rained out! 🙁 We tried so hard to make it happen – Rod even did a ‘no rain’ dance….but to no avail….it stormed and rained like crazy. So we had to call it a day. Which means we have opened up one last date for the season. It’s almost full already, there are just 2 spots left.

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Little tips to help you take better photos

Photo tip time! Ever wondered how to take great photos when the sun is really harsh? We’re in the middle of workshop time, and love teaching photography…..and this is one of my favourite techniques. Harsh sunlight can be one of the most difficult things to manage when you’re taking photos, especially around the middle of the day.

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Portrait and Landscape Photography Workshop

Inspiring the Creative....

Our goal at a Photography Workshop is not only to teach lots of new skills to the participants in the group, it’s also to inspire them. We had a really great group last week who were fun to teach and went away inspired about their photography. Which makes us so happy to be able to share both our passion and our skills. Thanks so much to everyone in the group, we had a wonderful day with you all and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos!

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December Photography Workshop

Taree Photography Workshop

Here’s a little peek at what we got up to at the Portrait & Landscape workshop in December ….Thanks to a fabulous group!! And of course, thank you to our beautiful models!

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Wedding Photography Workshop with Linda Bryant

Learn how to shoot weddings with confidence

After over 10 years of photographing weddings, I still remember when I started. The absolutely gut wrenching nerves. The questions I wish I could ask someone, but didn’t want anyone to know my weaknesses. I had such passion, and also so much self doubt! I hear from other photographers now how they wish they had someone to fill those gaps. Now that I’m passing the baton on with wedding photography, it’s time for me to leave my legacy, by running wedding workshops that will uncover the secrets I’ve learned to create confidence and my own strong style of wedding photography.

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Portrait and Landscape Workshop

where we teach all of the tricks of photography

The ever popular portrait and landscape workshop.

We had fantastic models and a great group.

Thanks to all who attended!

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