Little tips to help you take better photos

Photo tip time! Ever wondered how to take great photos when the sun is really harsh? We’re in the middle of workshop time, and love teaching photography…..and this is one of my favourite techniques. Harsh sunlight can be one of the most difficult things to manage when you’re taking photos, especially around the middle of the day.

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Newborn portraits.

New member of the family!

It was a pleasure doing Kellie’s pregnancy shoot and to now meet little Indy was really special.
Can’t wait to watch her grow!
One beautiful family 🙂

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Wedding Photographer – Abbie

Part of The Photography Hub Wedding team

Abbie Polak is our ‘Tier 2’ wedding photographer at The Photography Hub team and is a fun, vibrant part of the team. Abbie has so much creativity when it comes to her photography and we love having her here. Abbie is available for work right up and down the coast of NSW and QLD. She is an established wedding photographer and has a collection of beautiful work.

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Portrait and Landscape Workshop

where we teach all of the tricks of photography

The ever popular portrait and landscape workshop.

We had fantastic models and a great group.

Thanks to all who attended!

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