Beautiful Baby Katayah

Studio Phototography

What a doll! Katayah is such a beauty – with so much personality too! Thanks so much guys, it’s been an absolute pleasure capturing these special times x

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Duvaal is 1

Hub Club Shoot

Duvaal is 1…..What a fun shoot! Thanks again Cathy, it’s such a privilege to capture these milestones of your beautiful children. Enjoy every moment x

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Riverbank Family Portraits

The Paulsons :)

What an awesome family! Emma had me prepared for chaos……but seriously, these boys were fantastic!! I had a blast yesterday afternoon taking these photos. Thanks so much guys! 🙂
(And Emma yes, you totally got it the right way around – always good to be ready for the worst and then find that it doesn’t happen! hahaa)

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Baby Photographer Taree

4 Beautiful kids in the studio

What a lovely way to finish my day. I feel so privileged that my ‘work’ is something I love to do so much. These kids – all 4 of them, were just fantastic. Thanks so much guys! Welcome to the Hub Club 🙂

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Hub Club 6 month shoot

Taree Baby Photographer

Maddi you are just too CUTE!!! What a lovely little Hub Club session this morning 🙂

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Baby Photographer

Port Macquarie family & Baby Kainoa

What a lovely little family who travelled all the way from Port Macquarie for their shoot today! I enjoyed this session so much. Kainoa is older than I usually photograph babies, so it was different to our usual newborn session. It was so lovely to see all of his expressions and smiles. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Thanks so much Vicky & Brett 🙂

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Baby Ava

Newborn Photography Taree

Baby Ava… 4 weeks old she could have been much more awake but she was amazing! Just beautiful! Thanks so much Maria & Dave 🙂
Welcome to the Hub Club!
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Hub Club Baby shoots

Simply Adorable!

Spencer you are just too cute!!! And I LOVE baby yawns…hehehe – it’s hard work being a model!
Thanks Elysha, I adore the simplicity of this session 🙂
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