Wedding Photography

Making your special day all about you

Your wedding will be an amazing day, and we want to you to do it your way!

Based on feedback from many many clients over the years, we’ve found that everyone has different priorities for their wedding photography.

When you choose your wedding photographer, it’s important to know what you are paying for.

Some people just want the basic photography covered for a couple of hours. Some want a highly experienced photographer and the works.

And of course there are a huge range of budgets too.

So we’ve created a team at The Photography Hub, with packages that allow YOU to choose what’s important to you, and leave out what isn’t.

Think of Virgin flights. We’ve taken out all the things that you used to automatically pay for whether you wanted them or not, and given you the option to add them back in, but only if you want to.

So here’s to you, and your unique wedding day. We would love to be a part of it and we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by what the Photography Hub has to offer.

1.       Choosing your photographer.

We have 3 levels of photographers. They have different experience levels so of course are charged at different rates.

2.      Decide how many hours you’d like to have covered.

From just the ceremony and family shots afterwards, through to full day coverage. It’s completely up to you!

3.      Choose the amount of retouching you’d like done.

The re-touching of your photos is a huge part of photography. Mind you, if you just want most of your photos as a record of the day, and only a few of them really ‘WOW’, you can save a huge amount by just having the basic retouching done.

4.      Albums, photo books and canvas prints.

Maybe you want them and maybe you don’t. Again, it’s completely up to you. You can even wait until after the wedding to decide! you can view our beautiful albums and books and decide for yourself if you would like one created or if you’re happy to either do without or create your own from your digital files…..because no matter what package you choose, you get the digital files included.

Our photographers are based in Taree, Port Macquarie and further along the Mid North Coast, and are available in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Forster.

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